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Day One Thursday 19th October 2000

Introduction and Opening – Youth and the Promise of the New Millennium - Diana Birch



Keynote The Meming of Love; Invention of the Human Heart -  Claude Steiner   Text

Claude Steiner’s Workshop handouts  



Love landscape



Ten commandments - emotional literacy









Plenary P1 Sexuality

Chaired by Richard Brown - San Francisco and Alison Hadley UK




Lessons Learned: European Approaches to Adolescent Sexual Behaviour and Responsibility  Barbara Huberman   Text
Health Promotion - At what cost?  Susan Ritchie - Auckland New Zealand Slide


Shannon Whalen promoting Sexuality Risk among Adolescents unavailable


A PAUSE Effective School Based Sex Education Programme John Rees Exeter UK unavailable


STD’s (or what's new in STD’s). - Ellen Rome  


Plenary  P2 – Health & Physical Challenge  

Chaired by –  Herbert Friedman & Gustavo Girard



Coronary Heart Disease:  Risk and Intervention During Adolescence - Gail Slap - Cincinnati Ohio



Adherence in Chronic Disease  - Ueli Buhlmann Switzerland          Abstract



Commission Services Report on the Health Status of Young People - Wilfred Kamphausen EEC



Multi Disciplinary Programme for the Treatment of Obesity in Adolescence - Deborah Christie  Middlesex Hospital



Achieving Optimum Interdisciplinary Use & Co-Operation on an - Adolescent ward - Penelope Shannon



Assessment & Multi-disciplinary Treatment of Chronic pain Syndromes in Adolescents - Janet McDonagh & Stephanie Phillips



Youth on the Edge - Chair – Richard MacKenzie –Panel Group Discussion

Irene Adams, Richard Brown, Pamela McNeil, Monica Becker, Mushe Namukuka,

New Approaches to Communication / Technology Chair - Victor Strasburger - Panel Group Discussion        

James Feldman internet & projection, Alison Hadley, John Tripp, Youth Support Project – Cyberbridge


Workshops A


A3        Youth and Family  - Veronica Coates  Council Chamber


A4        Drop Outs and Street Kids  - Irene Adams Mushe Namukuku


Plenary P3 – Teenage Pregnancy & Parenthood 

Chaired by  Renee Jenkins & Ellen Rome 


Early Pregnancy – it’s not just sex -  Diana Birch



Pre-natal multi-professional & interdisciplinary care in very young & poor adolescent mothers - Veronica Coates



Education and Employment Opportunities for Teenage Mothers in Europe:  The case of the UKStudy - Nona Dawson  



Young Father’s -            Gustavo Girard



Young Mother’s Educating Teenagers-Gimmick or Effective Sex Education? Judi Kidger 



Sex Education – It’s Contribution to Reducing Teenage Pregnancy Simon Blake


did not attend

Plenary P4 – Youth & The Law - Confidentiality

Chaired by  Fay Hutchinson & Aggrey Burke

The Involvement And Participation Of Young People In Democratic Processes In Local Government -    Paul Griffiths, Caroline Blythe & Hazel Durbridge      Slides



New Government strategy on confidentiality for under 16’s - Alison Hadley

Reducing Risks in Young Lives - Pamela McNeil   Text
Confidentiality and Protection – the patient and the professional – Ann Sutton   Text
 An Introduction to the Role of the Expert Witness - Muriel O’Driscoll   Text
YouthNet Canada WHO Case Study   Text

Workshops B

B1        Rave and Party Drugs -  Pierre Paul Tellier   Text
B2        Creative Therapy –   Peter Wilson    
B4        Eating Disorders -  Richard MacKenzie & Ueli Buhlmann    
B5        Risk Taking Behaviours - Aric Schichor   Council Chamber Depression & Substance Abuse Summary
4.45-5.45           Keynote address  – Victor Strasburger introduced by Ellen Rome Sex, Drugs, Violence & the Media: Cause or Effect?

6.00-7.00 Reception

7.00 – Conference Dinner at Royal College of Physicians


Day Two Friday 20 October 2000

9.30-10.00         Welcome – Gail Slap    
Keynote Address Teenage Pregnancy Prevention - Renee Jenkins   Text

P5        Mental Health

Chair 1 Richard MacKenzie & Eric Taylor


Youth and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Diana Birch

(NB this text is an aid to viewing the slides -for full text see book 'Traumatic Stress)

Slides Text
Depression in adolescents: The first step is identification - Aric Schichor   Text
Enabling Resilience in Children and Young People: A HOPES initiative Ximena Poblete   Text
Early Intervention: A New Paradigm in Youth Mental Health - Craig Hodges



Managing & Evaluating Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services - Steven Walker   Text
Parasuicide in Young Vulnerable Mothers: Background Characteristics & Parenting Outcome - Aggrey Burke   Text

Plenary P6        Social & Behavioural issues

Chair Irene Adams &   Ann Sutton

Prevention Aspects Biological, Psychological, Social & Spiritual - Monica Becker Summary
Challenging Behaviour in Young People – Whose Challenge Is It? - Julia Waldman Abstract Text
Life Style of School Children - Salih S. Al Ansari - Saudi Arabia Photo Text
  Adolescent Healthcare – Swati Bhave not available
Greek Adolescents with Behaviour Problems in School - D P Stasinos   Text
A Qualitative Assessment of Australian Teacher’s & Parent’s Perceptions of Sexuality Education & Communication - Linda Berne & Judith Peppard Abstract  
The Canadian Girl Child: Determinants of Health and Well-being. Dianne Rogers   Text

Workshops C

C1        Teenage Pregnancy & Repeat Births - Ann O’Sullivan & Donald Schwarz

C3        Teenage Sexuality - Gillian VanHegan

C5        Sexual Orientation  - Richard Brown & Catherine Perry






S3     Sexuality & Sexual Identity – Youth Participation
Pierre Paul Tellier & Richard Brown, Muriel O’Driscoll

One in ten Gay Adolescents – What Should We Know?


S4 – Free Papers  Linacre / sloane

Chair Fay Hutchinson & Pamela McNeil

Evaluation of adolescents & their Families with Coronary Risk Dietary Behaviour - Maria Fernanda Bellusci Abstract  
Eating Disorders - Musonda Chickwanda    
Family Protective Power & Adolescent Risk Behaviour – Macerena Valdes, Orman Derman    
Adolescent Pregnancy in our Community – Analysis & Proposal Saul Rodriguez  Abstract  
Alcohol Abuse - Mushe Namakuku    

P7        Youth & The Family

Chair 1 Ueli Buhlmann & Neville Butler

Adoption:  A Risk During Adolescence? - Gail Slap   Text
Adolescence and Social Marginalization - Irene Adams   Text
The Dysfunctional Family – Gustavo Girard   Text
Non-resident Fathers Involvement & Adolescent Health - Ed Spruijt & Martin de Goede   Text
Ukrainian Youth & Modern Civil Society - Linna Kuts    
Your child told you: "Mom/dad I am gay." What do you do now?  Pierre-Paul Tellier   Text

Plenary  P8       Abuse & Self Harm

Chair Herbert Friedman & Aric Schichor  Seligman  Theatre

Working with Young People who Commit Sexual Offences - Alix Brown   Text

Adolescent Medical Complications of Eating Disorders – Ellen Rome

Early intervention (in sexual abuse) – Why is our health service failing children and young people – Ann Sutton   Text
Nutritional & Weight Problems in Young women in Japan - Yuko Matsuhashi   Text

The Challenge of Self Harm By Asian Women in Britain - Varija Rao & Clare Woroniecka

FGM ‘female genital mutilation’ –  contravening children’s rights  - Sonia Lucia   Text

Workshops D

D3        Therapy – Warm Fuzzy Fundamentals; Open Heart Therapy - Claude Steiner

D4        Sexual Health for Boys - Muriel O’Driscoll & Jenny Jones-

D5       Contraception and Abortion -Barbara Huberman, Linda Berne & Anna Graham + Vlasta Hirsl-Hecej Zagreb Croatia





Keynote  Lecture  Herbert Friedman introduced by Richard MacKenzie

Global Trends in the Promotion of Adolescent Health & Development  

6.00 Close of Conference – Diana Birch, Richard MacKenzie, Neville Butler

Following this panel discussion  a petition was drawn up to be sent to the Jamaican Government regarding legislation and the rights of youth.



Post Conference Party & Book Launch -

The Vaults of the Royal Society for Arts

8 John Adam Street, London WC2