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Eating Disorder

Our programme includes group and individual therapy plus attendance at self help groups. Attention is given to associated symptoms such as other self harming behaviours and we focus on causative factors in childhood and within the family dynamic. The patient is helped to value themselves and attain a realistic and less self punishing attitude to their body and appearance and to themselves as unique individuals.

Medical and nursing surveillance is at hand on a twenty four hour basis. A residential programme is ideally suited to the initial treatment of eating disorder in order to closely monitor progress and ensure appropriate nutrition.

Attention to diet and life skills sessions aimed at improving understanding and knowledge of bodily needs, diet and food preparation are included in the programme.

We also encourage care of the body via health education, hygiene, and staged exercise - this may include walks, aerobics, swimming, jogging or an exercise of choice.  Relaxation and movement therapy increases body awareness and the theme of self value is aided by being ‘pampered’ in aromatherapy.