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Substance Abuse
Our units operate on a philosophy of complete abstention from alcohol, drugs and mood altering substances and residents and family members are expected to comply with this policy during their stay.  In accordance with this policy and to aid patients in maintaining abstention we do monitor residents activities, agree on periods when residents will not be allowed out unaccompanied and regularly monitor items which may have been brought into the unit. We also may agree a regime of drug testing with a particular patient. 

If patients are on drugs / alcohol or have used recently they may be admitted to our detoxification programme. This is a very tightly controlled regime which helps the patient to withdraw from drugs or alcohol and will usually last one month after which we progress to the rehabilitation programme. In most cases we do not use prescription drugs to substitute for other substances and we withdraw patients from all mood altering substances during this period. If a patient is allowed to stay after a ‘slip’ - they will be placed back on the ‘detox’ programme for a minimum of two weeks.


Coming Soon - Our new rehabilitation programme in the Caribbean and Afghanistan