Youth Support Library

Timetable ‘Restoring Youth to Harmony’

Daily Early Morning Sessions  Wednesday; Thursday; Friday  Open to All -  On Lawn in humanities area

6am to 6.45am Introduction to Zen meditation – Diana Birch 

6.45am-7.30  Introduction to  Chi Kung Basic introduction to a 4000 year old health classic. -Harvey Ransom UK

7.30am - 8.15 Introduction to Self Protection – Nick Collins UK Optional additional practice




Day One Wednesday 18th August 2004



SSLT  9.30-10am Welcome and introduction– ‘Restoring Youth to Harmony’  -  Diana Birch



10am-10.45 K1 Keynote "Adolescents, Drugs, and the Media." Victor Strasburger, New Mexico



10.45 coffee / stretch break



Social Sciences Lecture Theatre SSLT 11am - 1pm Plenary  P1 – Early Pregnancy and Parenthood


Chairs  Veronica Coates San Paolo Brazil and  Victor Strasburger  New Mexico USA



A Longitudinal Study of Teenage Parenthood – Youth Support


Mortality in Teenage Pregnancies: A Challenge to the Medical Profession in Jamaica’ Joseph St.E Hall



Teen Parenting - Beryl Weir –Women’s Centres of Jamaica Foundation





Young Fathers and Domestic Violence –  Edwin Ballasteros Los Angeles



PPP Parenting Programme – Protective Factors and Resilience- Kim Scott Fisher - USAID and Jamaica



The Critical Period of Male Development During Adolescence - Martti Siimes Finland



Adolescent Development - Male Gynaecomastia  - Hatim Omar - University of Kentucky

See 2006




N1 Neville Hall   Y1  Youth Forum Seminar  (Youth Activities N2 Dance /N3 Drama /N4 Art & Sculpture /N5 Music & Computing/ Story Telling group)



Part 1 -  11-11.45 Eating disorders – Gail Slap;  work on body image   ¥ ♫



Part 2 -  11.45-12.30 Youth and Drug Culture – Mike Ryan (Canada) – “Straight Talk”¥ ♫




Part 3  Teen Pregnancy Prevention Noha Gracia and Monica Hernandez   Los Angeles






11am – 1pm  Workshops A



New hormonal contraceptive methods for the sexually active adolescent" Harel Zeev USA






LUNCH SESSIONS 1- 2.30   Additional Sessions  - 1.00 -2.00 Self Protection Lawn Humanities



Body awareness SR4  based on the method of Jacques Dropsy and Gertrud Roxendal.  Siv Ostman – Sweden






Social Sciences Lecture Theatre SSLT 2.30-4.30 PLENARY P3 –  Sexuality and Sexual Expression


Chairs Jose A Gutierrez Muniz Cuba & Barbara Huberman USA


Factors Influencing  Sexual Behaviour of 14 -15 years old in Kingston,  Yasmin Williams – Jamaica



Reaching Male Adolescents with Reproductive Health Information Hylton Grace



Urban / Rural differences In Sexual and Reproductive Health Knowledge L Gibbs  – Youth Now Jamaica



UNICEF Jamaica’s Right to Know Initiative



Child Cohort Studies – UK Studies Replicated Worldwide – Neville Butler Bristol UK



Jamaican Youth Survey ; How Jamaican Adolescents Form Romantic Relationships. Maureen Samms-Vaughan U Atkinson, M. Jackson, D. Ashley  University Hospital WI Jamaica






N1 Neville Hall    Y2  Youth Forum Seminar (Youth Activities N2 Dance /N3 Drama /N4 Art & Sculpture /N5 Music & Computing/ Story Telling group)


Youth working with Youth- Common problems and experiences Gustavo Gracia, Mayra Soriano, Carlos Aguilar – Jovenes Sin Fronteras  - with Omar Richards and Melesia Beckford  Youth Support  Jamaica ¥ ♫



Emergency Contraception Bernardo Estrada Noha Gracia  YSLA






SSLT   4.45-5.30 K2 KEY NOTE  - Gail Slap Cincinnati   Introduced by  Diana Birch






6pm Reception Mona Lodge with 6.15pm Health Issues Affecting Jamaican Youth - John Junor Minister of Health



7pm Conference Dinner Mona Visitors Centre Gold Room



Day Two Thursday 19th August  2004






SSLT   9am  Welcome  and introduction    9.10am Dr Donald Rhodd Minister of State Ministry of Education



9.30-10  K2 Gail Slap Cincinnati



10- 10.30K3 KEYNOTE -Health Status of Adolescents in Latin America Matilde Maddaleno PAHO & Chile



10.45 stretch break



SSLT  10.45am – 1.30pm Plenary 



Part One   10.45-12    Education, Vocations and Futures 



Chairs Evelyn Eisenstein Brazil  and Hatim Omar Kentucky 



Young Women and futures – Through the glass ceiling Thelora Reynolds UWI 



The Jamaican Youth Service -  Lincoln Williams UWI



A Democratic Approach to Children's Rights  Siv Östman – Orebro Sweden


update 2006

Unity Magazine – Health Education Messages -  Danny Gracia and Noha Gracia  Los Angeles



Education for Behaviour Change   Pauline Russell Brown Youth Now Jamaica



12 .-1.30 Part Two  Youth on the Edge Homeless High Risk Youth



12.-12.30 "High Risk Youth - Changing Solutions into Problems" Richard MacKenzie  



12.30- 12.45  A plan of action for orphans and other children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS in Jamaica UNICEF



12.-1.30pm Panel Discussion  Arlene Martinez  Donnie Juarez Edwin Olmedo and Monica Hernandez  Lex Steppling



Achieving positive development outcomes through involvement in sports" Percival Palmer & Pauline Russell-Brown



 AIDS in Africa - contributions from Dabesaki Mac-Ikemenjima our African representative who was unable to come in person.



N1 Neville Hall    Youth Forum Seminar (Youth Activities N2 Dance /N3 Drama /N4 Art & Sculpture /N5 Music & Computing/ Story Telling group)







SEMINAR in SSLT  2-2.30  ♫ Multi-disciplinary prenatal care-a protecting factor in teenage pregnancy Veronica Coates Brazil






SSLT  2.30- 4.30 PLENARY P6 –  Youth Violence and Crime


Chairs –  Richard MacKenzie Los Angeles and Sheila Campbell Forrester


Clean Scene - A Canadian Web-Based Drug and Crime Prevention Program for Youth. Mike Ryan



Gang Violence and Prevention Donny Juarez    Los Angeles



Epidemic of Violence: Interventions to mitigate the Impact on Jamaican Youth. Elizabeth Ward



Corporal punishment experiences of Jamaica's 15-16 year olds (U Atkinson, M Samms-Vaughan, M. Jackson, D. Ashley) UWI



Panel Discussion –  with N Heywood Deputy Superintendent Police Corporate Strategy;






7pm   Evening show – ‘@The Ruins’ with Barbecue ‘Jerk’ Dinner


Day Three Friday 20th August 2004



SSLT  9am- Welcome Hatim Omar



9.10-9.45 Experiences and Expectations for Native American Youth – Dana and Caroline Russell



10-10.30 K5  KEYNOTEs  " Media, Messages and Miracles,Incorporating Rights. Respect. Responsibility. into TV"  Barbara Huberman Washington



Malnutrion and Poverty – Influence on World Youth - Evelyn Eisenstein  Rio de Janeiro  Brazil






SSLT   10.45 – 1 Plenary P7   Social Issues, Substance Abuse and Mental Health



Chairs – Richard MacKenzie and Matilde Maddaleno PAHO



Drug Abuse in Jamaica Michael Tucker Executive Director National Council for Drug Abuse



Working with Families - Bula Grizzle Hibiscus Jamaica

 Background  article 'Working with Women' from UK prisons service



Working with Youth – Ashe Project – Joseph Robinson



Program of Prevention of Integral Health of Adolescents- Monica Becker Brazil



Adolescent's perceptions of health professionals and sexual health care provision in a diverse community in East London Michelle Ellis  City University






N1 Neville Hall    Youth Forum Seminar     (Youth Activities N2 Dance /N3 Drama /N4 Art & Sculpture /N5 Music & Computing/ Story Telling group) Activities ONLY









Seminar 1.30-2 SSLT Drugs and Youth in LA  - Edwin Olmedo Jessica Nolasco   Los Angeles



Seminar   SSLT  2-2.30 Sexuality and sexual orientation Arlene Martinez  Monica Hernandez and Edward Campos  ¥ ♫






Additional Sessions  - Self Protection –  Lawn area



Additional Sessions  - Body Awareness 1.30 -2.30 based on the method of Jacques Dropsy and Gertrud Roxendal.  Siv Ostman – Sweden. O3






2.45 – 3.15 Youth Seminar  Sexually Transmitted Infections & Teenage Pregnancy Paula  Marcello  Kim Dunne  USA In SSLT






3.15- 3.45 Keynote – Youth and Bereavement – Hatim Omar






SSLT   4pm -5.15pm  Y6  P9  Conference Plenary and Youth Forum Seminar –

Putting the world to rights♫ - Chaired by Diana Birch and Youth Leaders- Presented by Youth Delegates



SSLT  5.15 – 5.30 closing Diana Birch



7pm onwards Post Conference Party at the Student’s Union  with St Elizabeth Style Barbecue Roast Fish and Bammie