Youth Support
Research Programmes

Youth Support has a long history of research on adolescent and social / psychological issues and evaluation of services provided for youth, children and deprived groups.

Research projects are fully discussed in our publications and you can also access our full literature bank.

Early Pregnancy  - The current research on teenage pregnancy is based on populations in London and Jamaica with some additional material from our work with Los Angeles Childrens Hospital Division of Adolescent Medicine and its teen pregnancy unit NATEEN.  We did some follow up work with young fathers at NATEEN and this is available as part of 'Not An Easy Road' our video documentary on teen pregnancy in three areas - London; Kingston Jamaica and Los Angeles.

Videos of our research and conference proceedings may be accessed via our Streaming Media Website and purchased from Dial-Media our Media project.   These include teen pregnancy,  'Generations' about the cohort studies and Professor Neville Butler and 'Asylum'.

We completed phase one of a study of children and adolescents in Afghanistan in 2009 and published this in the book 'Asylum seeking Children'. The second phase took place in Afghanistan in 2012. Details will be available soon. Documentary 'Asylum' on our work with refugee youth in UK premiered at BAFTA London in April 2010 and went on to win several awards (see ) and will be followed by 'A Safe Place' about Afghan children. (see News)

Papers relating to the work in Afghanistan and research on Age Assessment will be posted on the website in the near future.

NEW - A very important STUDY which we invite you to help with.