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 Malfaiera, or Unholy Coincidence – ISBN 1 870717 17 1

One death is accident, two could be a coincidence, three times is murder.

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction and sometimes catches up on us in the strangest ways…sneaks up behind us when we are unawares and forces us to consider the improbable.  So it seemed for Lucia, caught in an International web of intrigue and gifted – or perhaps cursed – with tiny morsels of information, rumours, whisperings which she had accumulated since childhood.  Victim of a string of unlikely coincidences, she was eventually forced to piece the jigsaw together…


 How to Eat Italian - ISBN 1 870717 17 X

If you are one of those fastidious persons whose culinary taste does not venture outside the twelve-mile limit around the British Isles, and shudder at the thought of not only eating, but cooking Italian food, do not read on; this book is not for you.  It is meant for people who already know what Italian food is about, appreciate it, and are prepared to try more unusual dishes, especially the traditional ones that Italians like to eat at special times of the year, at festivals and family celebrations. You need to be a very lucky tourist and be in the right place at the right time in Italy to succeed in trying them all.


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