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Every mother deserves special care and attention - and no one needs that more than a very young mother , a girl who has been in care, or a woman who has had a difficult time and is going through pregnancy alone or with an unsupportive or abusive partner.

Many  girls are unprepared for motherhood - “I never thought it would happen to me ... I kept hoping I would wake up and find I wasn’t pregnant after all, but then I felt the baby move and I knew I had to face up to the truth...”    Other women may not have had the love and understanding which they themselves needed as children and may need support and help to become good mothers themselves.

We aim to provide the support, care and nurturing to enable parents of whatever age to develop self esteem, confidence and the ability to cope with life, so that they may become not only happy mothers but effective members of their community.

Parents vary in their needs and thus we develop a programme to suit each individual.  At present we work with young parents and families in the community tailoring their support package to their needs and those of their children. We aim to support and enrich both their own and their children's lives.

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