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Abuse ... comes with many faces -

Abandoned and left in a doorway - suffering from has malnutrition and scabies. At 2 years of age Lee weighed as much as when he was six months old. What can we do to make sure he becomes a better father than his own?

Failure to thrive - emotional deprivation. Rejected John was tiny for his age and full of fears. He recovered some stability during our assessment process and was helped to make the transition to an adoptive family - where years later he is doing very well.

Foetal alcohol syndrome. Mark’s mother was successfully rehabilitated in our residential treatment programme and is living independently in sobriety.


Teenage pregnancy, Support for two generations - young mothers may have been abused themselves and need help to ‘break the cycle’.

Pat suffered horrific sexual abuse over a number of years which only ceased with the disclosure at the death of her father. Recovery was slow hindered by self mutilation and drug abuse but long term residential care with therapy eventually resulted in a successful transition to the community.

When Sally was admitted with a partial paralysis following a brain haemorrhage and skull fracture it was unclear which parent had physically abused her - but during the assessment process the psychological profile of her mother clearly showed a psychopathic personality and the high level of future risk led us to recommend a full care order and adoption.

We provide a comprehensive child protection service in accordance with the needs of the children’s act.
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We are unique in providing psychotherapy, education and general care and in taking a variety of referrals of all ages - e.g. abused boys and girls who may self harm and mutilate, families where parents have a drug or alcohol problem, young pregnant girls who have been abused, families where abuse has occurred or is suspected for assessment and possible rehabilitation.

The aims of our service are to enable abuse victims to overcome the pain of their experiences, to improve their self worth which has been damaged by abuse and violence and to give them the skills to become happy children or effective parents.

High level monitoring and surveillance available for high risk cases including 24 hour monitoring in the community and the family's own home.

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