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The Conference - Youth Support Italia - Gioventu` Duemila - was extremely successful and  discussed 'traumatic stress' including the anxiety and stress caused by natural disasters and also the mental stress caused by other traumas such as war, violence and abuse.

The findings of the conference and of the research has been published in the Journal of Adolescent Health and Welfare' and in a new book 'Traumatic Stress' which is now available. Further details  in Books Section 

Thanks to everyone and a special thanks to all the young people who participated - a truly youth centred conference!

Here are some thumb nails of the conference - click to enlarge! - see you at the next one!!


We now have an on-line publication featuring conference proceedings and research papers -


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La Conferenza - Youth Support Italia - Gioventý Duemila - ha avuto gran successo  e abbiamo discusso  gli stress da trauma, inclusi l'ansia e lo stress causati dai disastri naturali, e inoltre l'esaurimento nervoso e gli stress causati da altri traumi, come guerra, violenza, abusi.

I risultati della ricerca e della conferenza verranno publicati nel 'Jouranl of adolescent Health and Welfare' e anche in un libbro 'Lo Stress Traumatico' che ora e` in vendita Vedete anche - 

Grazie a tutti e grazie infinite ai giovani che hanno participato nella conferenza.