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Youth Support

Please support us in our efforts to help the lives of children, youth and families.

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What you can do -

Our World Youth Forum has been an important feature of our conferences and enables youth from all over the world to come and learn, discuss and voice their opinions whilst learning of other cultures. These youth are our future and by helping them we can make a difference to all of our lives.

Education - We believe that education is the key to freedom from poverty and deprivation. We have a tradition of teaching young people vocational skills so that they can support themselves, life skills and self worth so that they can feel good about themselves and parenting skills to help them give their children better lives.   We  have supported youth on academic programmes to help them build a better future.  Our students have attended University courses and we have sponsored youth from many countries who on return to their homes, in turn assist their peers.

Honours for our student from Russia

Basketball Scholarship for a London student

Jamaican Student awarded place at Lambeth College










We are looking forward to the 7th International Conference on Adolescent Health & Welfare

And World Youth Forum


This is planned for next year and will mark 25 years of Youth Support


In 2006 we held our  Twentieth Anniversary Conference. which was The Sixth International Conference on Adolescent Health & Welfare and World Youth Forum.

Help us to plan for the 7th conference which will mark 25 years of Youth Support!

A varied and full programme including Keynote Addresses, Plenary Lectures, Workshops, Discussion Groups, Free Papers and Poster Presentations. Each day begins with a keynote address by one of our special guests, delegates will then be able to attend either plenary lectures or workshops concentrating on their specialist chosen subjects.

Abstracts for plenary lectures, workshops, free papers, poster presentations and commercial displays are welcomed and should be approximately 250 words on A4 sent via email or through the website - please forward early to avoid disappointment.

Youth Support Conference & Publications

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Please come, present, discuss , exhibit or sponsor  this exciting event!