Youth Support Library


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Part 1

Introduction -  Dr Diana Birch - Director Youth Support

Opening Address - Professor Roger Tonkin

Youth Empowerment - Illusion or reality?


Part 2

Mental Health and Behaviour Problems - Chaired by Professor Eric Taylor

Bonnie’s story - read by Laura Clarke.

Peter Wilson - “What is mental health in Adolescence”

Chris Hollis - “Mental Illness in Adolescence” (transcript not available)

Troy Tranah “Juvenile Delinquency”

Dr Ueli Buhlmann -    “Emotional Issues in Therapy”

Patrick Alvin - “Teenage Suicide - a challenge to common ideas”

A personal story -  Carol Kremer - A Story


Part 3

Health & Physical Challenge - Chaired by Professor Neville Butler

Dr Aidan MacFarlane - “Substance Abuse”

Dr Frank Besag - “Epilepsy in Adolescence”

Anne Philpott - “A white coat and sensible shoes” - young women’s sexual health.

Dr Rosemary Kirkman ; Maggie Flint - “Y-Wait”

Dr Elizabeth Heycock - “A young person’s confidential Health record”


Part 4

Teenage pregnancy and sexuality -  Chaired by Pramilla Senenayake

Dr Diana Birch “Are you my sister, Mummy?” - The Youth Support Experience.

Introduced by Dr Fay Hutchinson

Dr Fay Hutchinson - Contraception and Sexual Education in the Nineties.

Dr Pamela Gilles - Young People’s sexuality ; Promises and prospects.

Dr Nona Dawson - The Education needs of  young mothers.

Diana Noble and Dr Gillian Vanhegan - What young people want.

Dr Chris Wilkinson - Providing an STD service for Youth

Muriel O’Driscoll - Psychosexual Counselling - Sexual Orientation.


Part 5

Social and Behavioural Challenges in Adolescence -  Chaired by Ann Sutton

Paul Griffiths - ‘Needs of young people - the role of voluntary agencies’

Dr Leon Polnay -  ‘Needs of Young People in Residential Care’

Laura Gamble -  Recreational Drug Use

Christine Ferron - School Drop Outs

Dr Aggrey Burke - ‘The challenge of race - the outcome of teenage pregnancies’

Keith Drinkwater - Young People Running Away.


Part 6
Keynote Lecture - Professor Richard MacKenzie