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Proceedings of the Second International Conference

on Adolescent Health and Welfare

Editor - Diana M.L. Birch     Published by  Youth Support.    First Edition June 1999

‘Youth - Conserving Our Resource  for the Future’

October 1998  at The Royal College of Physicians, London.


Part 1    Preface

Day One - Thursday 22nd October 1998 

Opening Address - Diana Birch

Adolescent Reproductive Health –Lessons Learned and New Directions - Gail Slap


Part 2

Plenary 1: Adolescent Sexuality Chaired by Chris Wilkinson and Pierre-Paul Tellier

STIs - The Issues for Young People - Diane Noble and Gillian VanHegan                

Sexual Exploitation of Youth in Japan - Yuko Matsuhashi 

Teenage Abortion - Lars Holmberg         

Sexual Practices in Adolescence – Sexual Initiation - Jorge Pelaez

APAUSE - Claire Lewis and Nathan Curry          

Effective School-based Sex Education - John Rees - APAUSE


Part 3

Plenary P2 Health and Physical Challenge -Chaired Gerben Sinnema and Simon Clarke

Primary Care and the Adolescent - Ann McPherson        

Does School Health Have A Future? - Leon Polnay         

Adolescents with chronic conditions - Joan-Carles Suris 

Use of Health Care Resources by Adolescents - Jeanine Pommier 

Transition From Paediatric To Adult Care - Marcelle de Sousa


Part 4

Workshop Presentations and Special Seminars

Psychological Issues in Teenage Pregnancy - Diana ML Birch                  

Communicating with Adolescents- Daniel Hardoff 

Youth & the Media - Victor Strasburger                          

Sexual Education - Training in Family Life Education - Barbara Huberman 


Part 5

Plenary P3 - Teenage Pregnancy - Chaired by Pamela McNeil and Christine Ferron

Adolescent Fathers - Diana Birch 

Teenage Mothers and their Children - Nona Dawson 

Pregnancy, Parenting and Playtime - Muriel O’Driscoll    

Adolescent Pregnancy: The Nepean Experience - Karen Dudley  

The Prevention of Teenage Pregnancies - Ellen Rome     

Adolescent Pregnancy, Sexuality and the Welfare Debate - Peter Selman 


Part 6

Plenary P4 - Disability,Education & Employment Chair Anne McCarthy, Richard Brown

Adolescents With Cystic Fibrosis, Transition Issues - Ueli Buhlman

Chronic Ill Health In Adolescents - Gerben Sinnema 

Chronic Illness And Youth - Helena Fonseca 

Job Retention - Anne McCarthy 

The Power of Positive Peers - Mark Boyce and Daniella Forer  

Establishing Young People’s Health Sessions - Gillian Turner       


Part 7

Keynote Lecture chaired by Diana Birch

Protecting Youth from Harm-Lessons Learned from Adolescent Health-Robert Blum

Youth in a Multicultural Society - Pamela McNeil


Part 8

Day Two - Friday 23rd October 1998

Keynote Address – Chair Richard MacKenzie     

Youth - Conserving our Resource For the Future - Diana Birch


Part 9 

Plenary  P5 - Mental Health - Chaired by Eric Taylor and Daniel Hardoff

Teenage Suicide - Richard Brown                      

Attention Deficit Disorder - Simon Clarke 

Chronic Fatigue - Russell Viner  

Traumatically Bereaved Adolescents - Dora Black 

Young People, Homophobia and Mental Health - Joy Trotter


Part 10

Plenary P6 - Social and Behavioural Issues Chair Joan-Carles Suris and David Baum

The Care System - Keith Drinkwater      

Epilepsy in Adolescence - Frank Besag 

Working with Young Men in Rural Communities - Simon Blake 

Health Education For Adolescents - Does it Modify Behaviour? -Christine Ferron

Deprived Youth in Russia - Andrei Smirnov 

Educating the Carers-Helen Russell-Johnson:Rosemary Blunden:Michelle Charles


Part 11

Plenary Session P7 - Youth and the Family - Chair Gail Slap and Neville Butler  

Women’s Centres of Jamaica Foundation Programmes - Pamela McNeil 

Working With Families Where There Has Been Abuse - Fiona Subotsky 

Youth and the Family - Deprivation and Cultural Issues - Aggrey Burke   

When the Going Gets Tough - Sharon Pettle

The Importance of Family in Leaving Care - Kathy  McAuley


Part 12

Plenary Session P8  - Abuse and Self Harm - Chaired by Robert Blum and Ann Sutton

Transitional Care in Adolescents with Eating Disorders - Rod McClymont

Admission and Initial Therapy of Severely Ill Anorexics - Ueli Buhlmann 

Sexually Abused Adolescents with History of Prior Victimisation - Elaine Yordan   

Youth Suicide Prevention - An Australian Nursing Perspective - Robyn Rosina   

Sexual Abuse - Protecting Young Men And Women From Abuse - Pat Cox

Self-Harming Behaviours in Adolescents Residential Settings - Michael Maher


Part 13

Poster Presentations and Free Papers

Renal Function in Adolescents with Eating Disorders - McClymont, Anderson et al  

Teen Pregnancy a Motivator for Positive Change -Marcia Nogueira Chiyo Maniwa 

Rating scale to assess communication skills with adolescents - R.H. Hearne et al   

Physical Abuse of Adolescents in Chile - Does a Problem Exist? – Romero et al     

Adolescence:Myth or Reality - Samoan Women’s Perspective. Anne-Marie Tupuola

Adolescents' Sexual Behaviour in School- Ekaterinburg, Russia -Natalia Smirnova  

Adolescent Health in Urban India; A Study of Mumbai - Anil Kumar 

Promoting Adolescent Health on an Adolescent Ward -  G.Anderson et al

Reducing Teenage Pregnancy: Interagency Discussion Document - Helen King  

Mortality from Violent Causes: A Challenge for the Americas – T.Zubarew et al 

The Development of a Concept of Family Therapy - Sergei Sannikov  

Medicinal Herbs in Psychotherapy:  Galina Sannikova 

‘Project work’ with Young Drug Abusers– Youth Support Experience -


Part 14

Keynote Lecture Chair Diana Birch- Runaway and Homeless Youth-Richard Brown

Panel: Dick MacKenzie, Pam McNeil, Irene Adams, Andrei Smirnov

Closing Address - Diana Birch