Youth Support

Youth Support Italia - Youth Support participated in the conference on adolescent mental health / emotional health in Campobasso in May 1997 'L'Adolescenza della Mente'. Later that year there were serious earthquakes in the regions of Marche and Umbria and Youth Support set up the 'Earthquake Relief fund' which raised almost �8,000 to help some of the earthquake victims. We have an album of photographs and a videotape of that work.  Subsequently the long term nature of the aftershocks provoked emotional problems in the victims and therefore a research project has undertaken to look at emotional trauma of quake victims - particularly youth. This was reported on in a very successful Conference on Trauma held by Youth Support in Fabriano (Ancona) in April 2000 and is also written up in the book 'Traumatic Stress' - published in English and Italian (see Publications  section for details)

A group of Italian Youth regularly attend our World Youth Forums which have been held in conjunction with the International Conferences on Adolescent Health and Welfare. See also video on World Youth Forum available from Dial-Media - our media project for young people.also on YouTube

We now have a centre in Marche where we can also host meditation retreats and therapy linked to our En-Kaku project.