It's that time of year when Charities encourage their supporters to dip into their pockets for donations.  The result can be to elicit a sense of guilt that we are spending too much on our Christmas presents when others don't even have a roof over their heads - or maybe a groan - Oh not another appeal!

Well - we decided to give something back instead. So to say thank you for supporting us - or in advance to thank you for the support you undoubtedly will be giving us ....   We are making you a gift of our library of knowledge.

We are giving FREE access to all our on-line literature - that's Journals going back to 1986; papers and reprints; discussion forums and guides; conference proceedings; books and leaflets.  There will also be a selection of video and audio programmes which will be added to throughout the coming months. In addition we will post up information about current issues.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at Youth Support / Youth Support Jamaica / Youth Support USA / Youth Support Italia.

Best wishes
Diana Birch and all at Youth Support


It's so annoying when you want to research a subject or read a paper and you get asked to pay for every copy. We believe knowledge should be FREE - so go to our on line literature site and browse to your hearts content! - Of course you can still buy your own hard copies if you want to.